Suleiman Hussein Nusairat  c.v

1 .Born in .Natfa Irbid 1945 .


2 .Military Service :

1965 He joined the Royal Military Academy.

1967 He was commissioned as 2nd lieutenant.

1967- 1971 He served in the 1st Armored Battalion .1st Royal Guard Brigade.

1971 He served in the 2nd Armored Battalion -2nd Royal Guard Brigade.

1972-1975 He served in the military intelligence department.

1975 – 1984 He served in the intelligence school.

1984 He joined the command and staff college.

1985-1990 He served in the G.H.Qs Jordan Arab Army .until he retired as a Brigadier General in late 1990.

3. Civile service. Was assigned as governor in the ministry of interior ( mafrag governorate ) until retirement in 2005 .

4. Decorations and medals:

Independence decoration 2nd degree.

The military order of merit.

Leadership efficiency medal.

Long service medal.

1967-1971 service medal .

Al kramah battle medal.

5. Courses. He attended many courses in Jordan , usa and uk .

6. Member of Jordanian writers association.

7. member of the secretariat general for arab writers union .

8. Foundational member in the Jordanian association for science and culture.

9. Writer in al dustor newspaper 1992-2008.

10. He issued many studies in several Jordanian periodicals:

· The cultural magazine_ university of Jordan :

1. Political tension and the factors of instability in the Arab world (28 issue) .

2. Challenges facing national power (issue 32).

3. Factors of the native power and national security (issue 34).

4. Factors that influenced and impeded national practices, and political Arab institutions (issue 38).

5. Factors that influenced Arab characters and Arab political mind (issue 43).

6. The geopolitical engineering in the Arab world challenges’ and limitations (issue 56).

7. The potentials of the political activity and the realities of parties. (Jordanian case).

· Thought magazine _ ministry of culture.

Reflections on status inequality, social disorder and its effects on stability (issue112).

10.He issued several books:

· Al dawr alhashimi al urubi alwahdawi : wathaig w asanid (1996) .

The Hashemite Arabic unifying rule – documentary.

· Qdaia wataniyah wa qawmiah muasirahdirasat tahliliyah li _ qdaya almujtmaa alaradi almuaser (1999).
Contemporary native and national issue .analytical studies of contemporary Arab and human society’s issues .

· Nahu mashroaa siasyi nahdawi dimugrati (2001).

Toward apolitical democratic awakening project.

· Al shaksiiah al ordoniyah bayn al buad alwttani wa al buad al qawmi (1st edition 1997 , 2cd edition 2002 ) .

The Jordanian character between the native and national dimensions.

· Al arab wa hassad al qarn al daia : alhaml al kadib wa al makhad al saab (1st edition 2002, 2cd edition 2008).

Arabs and the harvest of the lost century : false pregnancy , and pains of hard labor .